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7 Things to Keep on Your Wood Nightstand
Stuart David Home Furnishings

During our lives, the average American will spend 26 years asleep and seven additional years falling asleep. Combined, that is almost triple the number of lifetime hours we will spend at work.
Few of us would dream of laboring week in and week out without personalizing our workspace, yet often we overlook our sleep space, paying it scant attention beyond the kind of bed, mattress and coverings we select.
The ugly duckling in most bedrooms is the utilitarian nightstand, which frequently displays no more decorating flair than a standard-issue alarm clock, a lamp, a box of tissues, and perhaps a family photo or two.
In contrast, real wood nightstands, when imaginatively accessorized, can easily transform a sleepy bedroom into a swan-like royal bedchamber. Wood nightstands from Stuart David Home Furnishings – with a factory showroom in Ceres just south of Modesto – are fully customizable with paint, stain, design and hardware options.
Researchers at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, about 90 miles southwest of Sacramento, California, have determined that the optimal number of items Americans should place on their nightstands is seven. 
Okay, so that is a fib. While we’re certain that the dedicated staff at Lawrence Livermore do slumber nightly – and some of them are our customers – their primary mission is to enhance the nation’s defense.
It is our decorators, in defense of great-looking bedrooms, who decided that real wood nightstands are best garnished with seven trimmings. You can add or subtract items at your pleasure.
Like all of our real wood furniture, nightstands from Stuart David Home Furnishings offer the ideal combination of utility and style.
We’ve envisioned some wood nightstand accessory groupings that we hope will inspire you to reconsider your regular bedroom companions – those individual items that are never more than an arm’s length from you and your comfy pillow.
We recommend that you begin with our Utility suggestions and add or substitute freely from our various other categories. Of course, you can upgrade or downgrade your décor to reflect your individual taste and budget.  With so many possible variations, why not switch out your decorating schemes about as often as you change your sheets?
To experience our full selection of real wood nightstands, visit our factory showroom just south of Modesto. We service the central valley and east bay areas including Modesto, Sacramento, Pleasanton, Stockton, Antioch, Walnut Creek, Vacaville, Yuba City, Tracy, Merced, Turlock, Manteca, San Ramon, Lodi, Brentwood, Dublin, Los Banos, Danville, Ceres and – of course – Livermore.
• A crystal decanter and two matching glasses. Fill the carafe with water or the adult bedtime liquid of your choice.
• A perfume bottle, cologne dispenser, or – for couples – one of each.
• A vintage telephone (or a modern phone that looks vintage). Charge your smartphone and other mobile devices elsewhere. This phone is 75% design / 25% utility.
• Fresh flowers or aromatic candles to add a touch of welcome fragrance.
• A favorite stuffed animal for those nights when your flesh-and-blood “squeeze” is away.
• An ashtray and wood matches. Even if you don’t smoke, they’ll come in handy to light your aromatic candles or on those stormy nights when the power goes out.
• A hairbrush and hand mirror, perhaps one handed down through the generations? Go to sleep and awaken looking your very best.
• A special box to hold gems and trinkets for the night. Keep a sharpened pencil and notepad handy, so you can jot down your wishes (and sweet dreams) and deposit them in your treasure box as well.
Other utility items that need not be boring – if you select them for both style and purpose - include fans, fuzzy socks, creams and balms, and a camera (use your imagination). If you absolutely must, lamps, clocks, tissues and family photos are acceptable in moderation.
• A first edition copy of your favorite book.
• Reading glasses or a lighted magnifying glass
• A book weight to hold open thick volumes
• An open canister of metal page markers (nibs)
• A word game and game board
• Tea bags, a favorite teacup or two, and an instant-brew tea maker (What’s better than hot tea with your favorite romance or mystery novel?)
• A miniature painting on a miniature easel
• A sketch pad
• Colored pencils or crayons
• A copy of “The Illustrated History of Art” by David Piper (1994) or your own favorite collection of reproductions
• A kaleidoscope
• A cookie jar filled with pet treats – ideally those that don’t make crumbs.
• A fish tank or aquarium
• A flexible-head pet brush and hair-collection receptacle
• An air freshener decanter or deodorizer
• A personalized pet towel
• Your high school or college yearbook and graduation tassel
• A diary and pen
• A photo of John Lennon (Imagine all the people living for today…)
• Your favorite inspirational quote in a frame or etched in glass
• A trophy (whether earned or presented to yourself)
• A family Bible, rosary beads, Cross, Star of David, or other religious artifact
• A terrarium
• A lava lamp
• A harmonica or jaw harp
• A stress ball
• Newton’s cradle (A five-ball pendulum and popular executive toy)
• Silly Putty or Play-Doh
When you select your very own real wood nightstands from our Stuart David Home Furnishings factory showroom just south of Modesto, it’s easy to repurpose your bedroom into a place where you’ll want to spend not just your nights, but also your best days. Talk about pleasant dreams.

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