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Common Eyesores to Hide With a Bookcase

People have always wanted things to be or look a certain way. With time and technology those desires don’t go away, they just change. Sometimes there are unsightly things about a room that you wish you could change but for some reason or another you just cant. Furniture helps in many of these instances. We’ll be using the quality bookcases from Stuart David Home Furnishings as an example of how to hide some common eyesores in your home.
Big Empty Spaces
Do you have a room in your home with a large, bare wall? Sometimes the lack of something in a space so large can be an eyesore, but one that’s easily remedied. Simply measure the space you’d like to use up. Now comes the fun part; you get to choose the size, configuration, solid wood, finish, and hardware of your bookcase system. You’ll get that built-in look and functionality you need while taking care of that empty space problem at the same time.
Light Switches
Stuart David bookcase systems have options for canister lights as well as recessed touch lighting, which means you touch a hinge and the lights come on. Pretty cool huh? Well if you have a light switch that just controls the power to outlets instead of an actual light in the room, you may consider trying to hide that switch with a bookcase. This way you can still have power to the outlets and add extra light to the room!
Cords & Cables
If you’re anything like me, you’ve got more than a few cords lying around. Rather than shove them to the side or behind something else, this may just be the perfect opportunity for you to do some organizing! By choosing a bookcase with drawers on the bottom instead of doors, you have plenty of storage space for those sneaky cords and easy access when you need them.
Movies, CDs, & Vinyl
Some people are media buffs. Proudly displaying their giant collections of DVDs, Blu Rays, Laser Disks, CDs, 8-Tracks, Cassette Tapes and Vinyl Records. Maybe your media clashes with your décor or maybe you just don’t have that big of a collection and don’t think leaving them out in the open contributes to the style. If that applies to you, consider choosing wood doors over glass or an open configuration. This way you have easy access to your media without having to endure looking at it all the time.
Documents, Files & Magazines
Unconventional thinkers unite! If you don’t have dedicated storage, or are in need of even more storage, a bookcase might just be an eye-catchingly unique solution to your problem. With stackable tray inserts and some labels you can store personal files, documents, mail, magazines, and more. Choose glass doors, wood doors, or an open configuration and get creative with your organizing!
If you’re looking for a locally handmade bookcase, consider purchasing one from Stuart David Home Furnishings. Our bookcases range in sizes up to 91” tall and 72” wide. We give you the custom options you need to make your furniture work the way you want, not the other way around. Take back control of how your house looks with Stuart David!

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