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How to Care for Solid Wood Furniture
American Made Funiture

How to Care for Your Furniture:

It’s easier than you think! Many people enjoy having solid wood furniture because it’s so easy to maintain. Cleaning regularly (about once a week) with a clean, soft, lint-free cloth does the job well. Oils from skin will build up on wood, so it’s important to clean regularly.


Slightly dampen the cloth. This will help the dust stay on the cloth rather than get tossed up into the air only to settle back down where you just cleaned. Be sure to wipe dry immediately after.


Wipe in the same direction as the wood grain. Don’t do circles or go across the grain as this may leave streaking or scratching. You can also dip a cloth in non-alkaline soap and warm water. Wring it nearly dry and work on small parts at a time, making sure to dry as you go along.


Dangers to Your Furniture:


• Neglect is one of the most prevalent dangers to your furniture. Fine furniture can last decades and beyond. One of the ways you can make sure your furniture lasts, is with regular cleaning.


• Extreme heat, cold and moisture damage the finish of the wood. Always use thick, protective padding between the furniture and the item(s) you are placing on the furniture. Cotton, linen or felt cloth are the best protective padding.


• Placing any container filled with liquid directly on wood causes a “sweating” effect, transferring moisture from the glass to the table. Using coasters will prevent these water ring stains from damaging your furniture and your wallet. Potted plants going on the furniture should always be in a plant saucer, on top of a protective pad so the bottom of the saucer won’t damage the wood. Beware of “home remedies” for water ring stains as they may damage your furniture even more.


• Rubber, cork, vinyl, or plastic can seriously damage your furniture. A protective padding made of cotton, linen or felt cloth work very well to protect your investment.


• Avoid harsh chemicals or cleaning agents. Silicone-based polishes are not recommended for fine furniture. Long term use can cause the lacquer to split and break down. It leaves a residue on the surface as well, causing future restoration problems. If you’re looking for a product to help you clean, Touch Of Oranges is a moisturizing wood cleaner and reconditioner for all types of wood and finishes. It’s also available in our store.


• Products that contain solvents can damage wood and leather, avoid using them on or near your furniture. (Nail polish remover, hair spray, perfume, etc.)


• UV rays from the sun will discolor and damage wood over time. Avoid direct sunlight when possible or use filters like blinds, drapes, table cloths, etc. to help reduce exposure.


• Lift, don’t drag objects across your furniture. This can cause serious, noticeable damage to your furniture that may be difficult and expensive to repair.


• Storing table leaves? Store them flat, apron side up, somewhere near the table like a closet to ensure they stay in similar condition as the table. Places like the attic, basement, or garage are not climate controlled and storing the leaves there may cause damage like warping or cracking.


• Wood expands in the summer and contracts in the winter. Extreme weather changes or drastic altitude changes can damage your furniture as well. Air conditioning will help cool your furniture on those hot summer days. For those cold dry winter nights, a humidifier will keep moisture in the air.

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