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How to Select the Perfect Solid-Wood Desk for Your Home Office
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It may be the most iconic solid-wood desk in America, if not the world. 
Known as the “Resolute Desk” the historic bureau has been used by every U.S. President since Rutherford B. Hayes, with only three 20th century exceptions: Presidents Johnson, Nixon, and Ford.
The desk is built from oak timbers repurposed from the salvaged British Arctic discovery vessel, H.M.S. Resolute. Queen Victoria of England, who presented it to President Hayes in 1880, commissioned William Evenden to build the desk by hand at the Royal Naval Dockyard at Chatham, England.
Although in modern times, the Resolute Desk has functioned as the centerpiece of the Oval Office – used to sign into law hundreds of pieces of legislation during its decades of service – many earlier Presidents, including Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry S. Truman, preferred to keep the desk upstairs in their private residence.
You don’t need to be the Commander-In-Chief to feel presidential at your desk. Nor do you have to spend a queen’s ransom to create your own iconic workspace.
A visit to Stuart David Home Furnishings – with a factory showroom in Ceres just south of Modesto – is all it takes to design the perfect solid-wood desk for your home office, whether or not it’s oval.
Because Stuart David Home Furnishings offers so many desk options, in addition to your choice of style and finish, your selection can be as original as the Resolute Desk itself.
When contemplating your home office desk, among the most important details you should consider are the: Shape, size, configuration (do you want drawers on the left or right side, or both), where will your computer components like monitor or tower be placed, and which desk chair you’re likely to use.
Standard desk height is 29½ inches high. When ordering your custom solid-wood desk, it would benefit you to know the width and height of the chair you’ll be using when sitting at the desk. If your favorite chair is too wide or too tall, you won’t be comfortable at work.
Maybe the most important decision you have to make is what wood and finish will your new desk be built in? You’ll be looking at the fine details of your desk for quite a while so think about things like: Grain pattern (do you like how the grain looks), does the grain show through the finish or does it blend in with the colors.
Knowing where in your home you’ll want to place your natural-wood desk is also important. The desk size and coloring should be a natural extension of the room’s other features. If the desk is large and the room is small, you’ll feel cramped. Likewise, if the room has a Scandinavian motif and the desk is colonial in style, they will clash. Stuart David has 10 styles to compliment your room.
In addition to the popular rectangular design of home office desks, configuration options include wedge, L-shaped and U-shaped desks. Corner desks are most common when the room that houses it is used for a variety of functions, not just a home office. L-shaped desks offer extra surface space within easy reach. That is especially useful when you work with more than one computer monitor or laptop. U-shaped desks require a larger footprint, which is appropriate for large rooms. They also allow two people to collaborate easily at the same desk.
How much storage space you want built into the desk is another question worth considering. The number of drawers and their required depth – whether for flat papers or hanging files – is another choice worth pondering ahead of time. When built properly, the dovetailed desk drawers should slide easily and close evenly, leaving no gaps even when the drawer is filled to the brim with heavy content.
Will you be using a fair number of electronics at your desk? Think about where the electrical cords will go. Grommet holes are optional in every desk so your cords aren’t flailing out of control over the edge of the desk. Use your printer all the time but hate having it taking up the surface space of your desk? Choose the printer pullout drawer with power strip option so your printer is hidden away until you need it.
Be sure to measure the entryway, hallway, room, and the final desk size to make certain that it will fit in the space you want it. Always use the narrowest part of your measurement when calculating if the desk will have enough space to fit through. No use owning a beautiful new solid-wood desk that is relegated to the garage because it won’t fit down the hall.
As President Truman, who was famous for the plaque he placed atop the Resolute Desk, remarked in his farewell address to the American people in January 1953: “The President – whoever he is – has to decide. He can’t pass the buck to anybody. No one else can do the deciding for him. That’s the job.” Like the Resolute Desk, your natural-wood furniture from Stuart David Home Furnishings, built to last for generations, will become a cherished heirloom. The decision of which desk will become part of your family legacy is yours alone.
The buck, indeed, stops here at Stuart David Home Furnishings, with the lucky owner of a fine, custom designed, solid-wood desk. We proudly make beautiful natural-wood furniture for everyone in the Central Valley and East Bay Areas, including Modesto, Sacramento, Pleasanton, Livermore, Stockton, Antioch, Walnut Creek, Vacaville, Yuba City, Tracy, Merced, Turlock, Manteca, San Ramon, Lodi, Brentwood, Dublin, Los Banos, Danville, Ceres, and throughout the United States.

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