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How to Style Your Glass Door Bookcase
Solid Wood Bookacse

In the homes of the creative and the imaginative, glass door bookcases are like blank canvasses – individualized works of art and design just waiting for the right inspiration.
Bookcases can be statement pieces, showcases, kaleidoscopes of room-defining colors and shapes, entertainment centers, full-view closets, and, oh yes, - tasteful libraries. 
There is a perfect size, shape, shade and use for custom glass door bookcases for every room in your house. No other piece of American-made, handcrafted, solid-wood furniture offers a comparable pairing of utility and style to those offered by Stuart David Home Furnishings, with a factory showroom in Ceres just south of Modesto, servicing California and throughout the United States.
From the most basic use (displaying books) to the most inventive uses – incorporating lights, drawers, glide rolling ladders, and an affluence of accessories – glass door bookcases can transform any ordinary room into an extraordinary domestic gallery.
Begin With The Books
For styling ideas, let’s begin with the books, themselves. Leather-bound volumes, especially vintage editions, radiate a sense of history and stability. Variants in grain, color, age, and, of course, size, provide a full palate of aesthetic possibilities.
A great place to shop for antiquarian and other beautiful leather books is on Ebay, where $100 or less can jumpstart your collection. Flea markets, estate sales, and garage sales are also fertile hunting grounds.
Consider displaying your leather books not only head-on at 90-degrees, but also angled, and full-face forward.
Hardcover book jackets, especially those published prior to the 1970s, often feature elaborately designed and distinctive spines – mini murals, portraits and landscapes that are eye magnets.
Color-coded bookshelves are attracting a growing legion of fans. Why sort your library by author or subject matter, when you can color-coordinate your books so as to complement – not clash – with other furnishings and textiles in your living space?
Book purists may argue that treating the published word as just another style element is apostasy. But one use of a book – style – does not preclude the more conventional use, actually reading it. When the outside of a book is dazzling, who isn’t tempted to explore whether the content is as compelling as the wrapping?
Thematic use of a bookcase is also quite popular, whether the theme is tied to a specific room or freestanding.
Obvious room-related motifs include cookbooks in the kitchen glass door bookcase; gardening and illustrated floral texts in the sunroom; game manuals and how-tos in the recreation room; primers, fairy tales, encyclopedias, and pop-up books in the kids’ rooms; and computer manuals, reference books, and periodicals in the home office.
Freestanding bookcase themes run the gamut, from family ancestry to hobbies to collectibles.
Add Accessories
The question facing many talented home decorators is this: “Do I accessorize my glass door bookcases with adornments that complement my books, or do I sprinkle books here and there to complement my glass door accessories case?”
We say, why not do both? Some glass door bookcases are meant for books, while others are destined for distinctive callings.
Place a well-designed glass door bookcase in your living room and let it serve as your personal art museum. Curate to taste, selecting from sculpture, framed paintings, tapestries, mobiles, stained glass, crafts, crystal, artifacts, and so much more.
Add a custom glass door bookcase to the master bathroom and enjoy a perfect hutch for bath towels, shaving pots and brushes, bath salts and aromatic soaps, and pass-the-time magazines and newspapers.
In the den, a glass door bookcase is the perfect repository for trophies, photographs, heirlooms, and granddad’s old Remington manual typewriter. Music room bookcases beg to exhibit the busts of your favorite composers, music boxes, framed scores, concert programs, and, of course, a pair of vintage opera glasses.
When dreaming about how you’ll style your own customized glass door bookcase, don’t forget to think outside the box – literally.
The exclamation point for many of the most charismatic glass door bookcases is the selection of ornaments that crown it.
Will you display a Replogle world globe? Wedgwood china? A Tiffany lamp? A Ming dynasty vase? A Baccarat crystal wine decanter? Or how about your children’s clay-fired, hand-painted pottery projects?
When it comes to stylizing your very own customized glass door bookcase, the choices are unlimited – as is the enjoyment you’ll experience for decades to come as the owner of one or more of these quality, handcrafted, hardwood furniture gems. If you’re looking for the perfect glass door bookcase for your home, check out Stuart David Home Furnishings. They have a factory showroom in Ceres, just south of Modesto that sells their product. They also sell their furniture online and through a network of dealers throughout the United States.

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