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Reasons You Should Invest in Solid Wood Furniture

Reasons You Should Invest in Solid Wood Furniture

Many customers approach us to ask what the benefits are of solid wood furniture. They struggle to make a decision because they've heard it's better, but they aren't sure why. At Stuart David Home Furnishings, we think it's important to advise our customers about all of the types of woods we offer in furniture, so they can make a well-informed decision.


Benefits of Solid Wood Furniture

The following benefits of solid wood furniture are the reasons we offer it. We only believe in high quality furniture for our customers.



Solid wood furniture is aesthetically pleasing. It gives off the impression that the owner has exceptional taste. It's luxurious, which improves the look of any room in a home.



Since solid wood furniture is not made from manufactured wood, each piece is completely different. Many people prefer this because they enjoy having furniture that cannot be replicated. It's an original and that's highly desirable.



Wood is a renewable resource. Eco-friendly individuals prefer solid wood furniture because it's made using only natural resources.



Solid wood furniture is perfect for people with allergies. It does not require chemical cleaning. It's also resistant to dirt and dust.



Solid wood furniture is heavy because it's completely made out of wood unlike other types that just have wood on the outside and a less durable material inside of it. This is why solid wood furniture is usually heavy. You won't have to fear that solid wood furniture will be easily knocked over or moved unintentionally. Furniture made out of solid wood is hefty and can take a lot of abuse.



Not only is solid wood sturdy, it's also durable. The great thing about wood furniture is that even scratches and dents are not a problem. Often times, people don't notice scratches or dents because of the natural markings of the wood already. This is why solid wood furniture pieces often become family heirlooms.


Complements Many Themes

There aren't too many themes solid wood furniture would not complement. Since there are so many different types of wood furniture such as cherry, maple, oak, and rustic alder, most people can find a color or tone that goes nicely with their décor.



It's possible to purchase just about any piece of furniture in solid wood. For example, there are solid wood dressers, mirror frames, dining room tables, end tables, chairs, coffee tables, night stands, hutches, and even entertainment units. Just about any furniture needed for a home can be made out of solid wood.


Easy Maintenance

Natural wood furniture is easy to maintain. You simply just need to wipe it with a cloth to return it the original look. Many people enjoy having all wood furniture because of how easy it is to keep clean.



Solid wood furniture keeps its value. When entering an antique shop, most furniture priced highly is made of solid wood. It's highly desirable, beautiful, and continues to provide people with the comfort they want in furniture.



Wood furniture can be changed over time. It can be sanded, stained and painted. This means that in 20 years, it's possible to change a furniture piece to match a new home's décor.


Solid Wood Furniture for Now and Forever

A family owned furniture manufacture in California since 1961, Stuart David Home Furnishings wants to ensure everyone receives the high quality furniture they need to make their home or office look nice and inviting. Furniture should be an investment that lasts a lifetime. When looking for quality pieces of furniture, seek hardy solid wood. We can personalize your furniture with choice of wood, style, size, configuration, paint or stain, and hardware. Contact us today to find out how we can manufacture a furniture piece you will love to own now and forever.

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