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Stuart David Does Not Outsource

Why Stuart David Does Not Outsource
All Stuart David products are handmade in our factory right here in Ceres California, from quality materials. We follow and exceed all product safety and environmental requirements. We use only solid wood from sustainable forests. We also use water-based adhesives and finishes that are safe for your home and better for the environment. Finally, all the waste wood and sawdust from our factory is recycled.
Our furniture will last decades and beyond with regular care. Not only that, it’s easy to repair or refinish. So if in a few years you want to change the look of a room, you have options to “recycle” your furniture instead of throwing it away, saving you money.
Buying furniture from Stuart David is an investment in your future. Bring quality back by buying American. Buy Stuart David furniture and feel pride and comfort; because you’re not only buying a quality piece that will last, you’re supporting good business practices.
• Why do American corporations do it?
• Worker Safety
• Quality & Regulations
• Effects on America
What is outsourcing and why do American corporations do it?
Simply stated, outsourcing is when a corporation contracts another company or person to perform a particular function. Over the last few decades, many of our blue-collar textile and auto assembly jobs have been moved offshore, leaving millions unemployed. Outsourcing is so common place in America that almost everything you own is made in a foreign country. Your cell phone is made in China, your fruit comes from Mexico, your clothes from India. But outsourcing isn’t all bad.
For example, Boeing (an American company) was developing a new model of aircraft, the 787. In this case, Boeing had no choice but to have the new lithium-ion batteries made in another country because no American company had the capacity to manufacture them. This is an example of necessary offshoring and, in principle, there is nothing wrong with this approach. Unfortunately, it is greed that makes outsourcing so popular, not necessity.
Avoiding American Regulations
In America, we have laws and regulations in place to protect our citizens. We have a minimum wage, a 40 hour work week, benefits, we allow unions, and have numerous workplace safety and environmental regulations. Once laws were passed to protect workers, corporations began searching for ways to circumvent these laws in order to keep costs low. Why pay an American worker $10 an hour and follow our laws and safety regulations when they can simply outsource to a foreign country? It’s just cheaper to outsource and ship back here to sell. Unfortunately it can also be unsafe.
Examples from China
China has no centralized minimum wage and no child labor laws. There are no benefits for the workers and drastically few labor laws to protect them from danger and abuse.
Chinese companies know how to get around their relaxed regulations. They keep multiple sets of books, hide cramped/dangerous worker dorms and facilities, and even go so far as to hire consultants to help them pass “surprise” inspections.
An ironic and tragic example of this can be seen in the 2011 Apple ipad factory explosion in Shanghai, China. The factory had been “inspected” just hours before the large explosion that injured fifty-nine workers.
Apple blamed the explosion on a build-up of dust which was fueled by aluminum particles from polishing the backs of the ipads. Just a single spark can ignite a dust cloud inside the equipment or in the air.  A worker from the factory gave an interview and said “We wear really thick face masks, but when we take them off our nostrils are full of dust. The air in the factory looks a bit like fog.” He went on to say that they were not told that the dust could combust, nor were they told of a similar explosion that happened seven months earlier in Chengdu, China.
Worker Safety
 Outsourcing lowers labor/safety costs and allows American companies to escape liability. Not only do these workers endure dangerous work but they must also suffer through abuse and intimidation. Many face sexual harassment and discrimination but are unable to speak up because they’re afraid for their jobs or lives. With no real rules, workers can be expected to perform dangerous, unreasonable, unrealistic tasks without breaks, lunches, restroom breaks, even water. Stuart David has a high respect for human rights, which is why we don’t support outsourcing.
Quality & Regulations
Another major reason Stuart David does not outsource is for quality concerns. Poorly treated workers make poor quality goods and materials. Added to these facts is that much of what is imported is made from cheap materials that may pose health risks. At Stuart David, we have a commitment to quality and excellence in service that used to be found all across America.
We've already gone through some safety regulations we have for workers. But what about the regulations meant to protect the consumer?
In America, we have strict laws to protect our people from hazardous materials and products. Maybe you’ll remember when lead paint in children’s toys caused toy maker Mattel to recall almost a million toys in 2007.

Or the salmonella outbreak of 2008, which came from jalapeno and serrano peppers from Mexico. We have laws in place for a reason but it is up to the American company ordering the product and materials to check that they pass all our regulations.
The problem is that either companies don’t know it is their responsibility to check or just don’t check. There is simply too much being imported for our borders and ports to check everything, so many things wind up falling through the cracks.
Effects on America
Outsourcing also contributes to the decline of American jobs. In 1970, more than 25% of all U.S. jobs were in manufacturing. As of 2010, that number shrank to less than 10%. Outsourcing puts millions of Americans out of work and destabilizes our economy. If people don’t have money, they can’t buy things and our economy feels it. “American made” used to mean something. After World War Two, America lead the world not only militarily but industrially, and quality was never an issue. Now we just expect all our things to break and are forced to replace them over and over again. With Stuart David, your furniture is made with fine materials and will last for decades to come with regular care. Stuart David delivers quality so you can have continued faith in your purchase.

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