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The Technology Geek’s Guide to Buying Home Entertainment Furniture
Home Entertainment Funiture

You have got it all. An LG 78-inch 4K UHD curved smart television featuring voice control; a Paradigm stereo soundbar with 8-inch wireless subwoofer; multiple streaming video services that collectively deliver more than 1,000 content channels; A Toshiba 32-Channel digital video recorder; Prizm mood-sensing technology that selects the perfect music playlists; left and right Klipsch bookshelf speakers; an Xbox One with Kinect and Live Gold subscription; a Harmony Home Control universal remote control; and a pair of Sennheiser MM 550-X headphones for when you want to block out extraneous room noise.


Now the important question: Where will you house your entertainment equipment hoard?


For tech geeks who invest so much care and research into orchestrating their perfect home entertainment experience, the question of which custom-made furniture to select should be no less important.


The best choice of American-made, real wood furniture is one that pairs style and functionality, such as custom entertainment centers from Stuart David Home Furnishings.



Furniture Components


Great home entertainment furniture , like great electronics, can be designed using components, including a solid wood base unit (doors, drawers, or a combination), fine bookcases (with wood, glass, or speaker doors), uppers and bridges (with or without built-in lighting), television risers (single or double) or handmade designer television stands (for the corner, the wall, or even the center of the room). All of there components come in a variety of styles (from the Rustic Oregon to the chic Sierra Vista).



Popular wood choices include Cherry, Maple, Oak, Quarter Sawn Oak, and Rustic Alder. New wood choices include Calico Hickory, Rustic Hickory, Rustic White Oak, Rustic Cherry and even Walnut.



When planning the features of your custom-made furniture, don’t think strictly about your electronic components and accessories. Consider adding display space for complementary adornments, such as classic vinyl record album covers (you do have a Music Hall record turntable with Sorbothane isolators don’t you?) or shelves to showcase glossy paper-and-ink photo books about film, music, video games, or classic television.



True, in the age of streaming content and cloud gaming, CDs, DVDs, game discs, and even Blu-Ray have become rather quaint. But for nostalgia’s sake, you may want to consider built-in storage space for your antiquated media, just in case you get a hankering to watch The Matrix or Back to the Future on their first-edition disks, or you feel an urge to play Call to Duty as you originally enjoyed the game.



For those on a budget, the good news is that quality home entertainment furniture from Stuart David Home Furnishings can meet your needs today and expand as you are able to upgrade your entertainment systems.



In fact, the very best aspect of custom-made furniture for your entertainment center is that unlike the technology itself, classic American handmade home entertainment furniture will still be state-of-the-art long after today’s cutting-edge technologies become decidedly obsolete.



When you select your very own real wood home entertainment furniture from our Stuart David Home Furnishings factory showroom just south of Modesto, you’ll be assured that even when no videos are playing, your home entertainment furniture will still be well worth watching.



A Final Word About Wires & Cables


Thanks to Bluetooth and other short-wavelength technologies, the jumble of wires and cables that need to be unraveled for even the most expansive home entertainment system is easier than ever to manage.



The newest frontier is wireless charging, already available for cell phones, tablets, and small appliances, but coming soon to your home entertainment center. Wireless charging, which works on the principle of electromagnetic induction, cuts the chord between your devices and your electric wall sockets.



Long before your custom-made home entertainment furniture shows any wear, televisions, stereos, and all major entertainment equipment will draw all of their power cordlessly.



Stuart David Home Furnishings serves customers in the central valley and east bay areas, including Modesto, Sacramento, Pleasanton, Livermore, Stockton, Antioch, Walnut Creek, Vacaville, Yuba City, Tracy, Merced, Turlock, Manteca, San Ramon, Lodi, Brentwood, Dublin, Los Banos, Danville, Ceres, and throughout the United States.

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