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You Don’t Need to Compromise on Style or Function with TV Furniture

When searching for TV furniture, you want something that will actually work. At the very least it should house your TV and provide some storage space, though most of us would like something a little more out of our media furniture, like being able to display decorative accents and having our entertainment center truly be a statement piece.
Take a stroll through any big box retail store and you just might be amazed at how little variety you really have to choose from. Why settle for something that will just ‘work’? Why not choose something that functions the way you want it to, and looks how you’d prefer? When you want something more than your standard, run of the mill TV cabinet, turn to Stuart David.
Stuart David’s handcrafted media furniture is built to last, and with their variety of customization options you can create a piece of furniture curated perfectly to your tastes and style. You can choose from a variety of quality, solid hardwood including cherry, maple, rustic alder, oak, and quarter sawn oak, as well as your favorite finish and hardware to complement your existing furniture.
If you have complex needs, say, wanting to store a large collection of movies, housing a state-of-the-art sound system, or displaying your innovative new television, Stuart David’s experts can help bring your dreams to reality. You can build a customized media experience; a privilege you don’t get at an ordinary furniture store.
Before you begin looking for your next TV Stand or entertainment center, take inventory of what you’d like to have close to your television and seating areas. It’s also important to think about the items and décor you want to use to beautify your space so you can ensure everything will fit and work together nicely. Once you have determined these things it is time to find the furniture that meets your needs.
There are some things to consider while looking or considering new TV furniture, and those things include:
• The size of your television. Some televisions may be too wide to house inside a unit, and would be better suited for a TV stand or should be mounted on a wall with a stand underneath. Be open to all of your options.
• How tall you want your unit to be. If you desire a very tall unit, keep the television viewing height in mind. If it’s too high or too low, you could strain your neck. Height can also play a role in how your cable box functions, so make sure it isn’t too tall or short and interferes with your ability to control them with you r remote.
• How much storage you’d like. Custom configured drawers can be added to your unit, but in order to maximize your space you should consider what type of items you’ll be storing in order to help Stuart David’s craftsmen better help you.
• Keeping other furniture in mind. Existing furniture should complement your new addition and not detract or distract from it. If your current furniture is light and airy, try to go for the same effect in your new TV cabinet or stand. If you’re starting from scratch and have little to no furniture in your media or living room, the sky is the limit. With Stuart David’s Home Entertainment program, you can customize every piece of furniture to better suit the investments you have already made.
Given how much time Americans spend in their living rooms, why would you ever compromise on style or functionality? When you need new TV or media furniture for your home, visit the Stuart David Home Furnishings factory showroom in Ceres, just south of Modesto. With us, you can create the perfect piece of furniture to suit your every entertainment need.
We proudly serve the central valley and east bay areas, including Sacramento, Pleasanton, Livermore, Stockton, Antioch, Walnut Creek, Vacaville, Yuba City, Tracy, Merced, Turlock, Manteca, San Ramon, Lodi, Brentwood, Dublin, Los Banos, Danville and throughout the United States.

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