Black Walnut


Real Natural Solid Walnut Wood Furniture


Grown mostly Eastern U.S., Walnut (also referred to as Black Walnut) is one of the most preferred woods to use among woodworkers for over 200 years because despite its hardness, is one of the easiest woods to work with. Walnut is the only sustainable American wood species that is naturally dark in color, with a range of chocolate and chestnut patterns that stains can not replicate with a generally straight (sometimes irregular) grain. Unlike many other hardwoods, Walnut is generally not used in construction and is considered a specialty wood most commonly used in: furniture, flooring, counter tops, and other small projects.


Our Character Walnut creates a beautiful blend of quality and natural character, such as knots and plithing. This aesthetically pleasing Character Walnut has a unique grain pattern style. It has a Natural glazed finish that enhances the beautiful variation of the grain. 

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