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Wall Bed Safety Tips

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What Is A Wall Bed?

A Wall Bed (Murphy bed) is a bed that is hinged on one side to a wall, allowing it to be folded up against the wall. Sounds like a great, space saving idea right? Well the name “Murphy bed” actually dates back to around 1918. A man living in San Francisco named William L Murphy came up with the design best known today. These kinds of beds had been around for a while in one form or another since around 1900, but William Murphy took the idea of a folding bed and put a hinge at one end so it could be folded up and stored against a wall. 

 While there have been a few accidents in years past, new designs and improvements have made them much safer than their predecessors. The days of Charlie Chaplin fighting with, being swallowed by, and finally demolishing the murderous Murphy bed are long gone. Whether it’s the main bed in a studio apartment, an extra bed in the den or office, or for giving your kids more floor space during the day, wall beds allow you to utilize almost any space.

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Safety Tips

 We’ve heard the misconceptions surrounding Murphy beds, just like you may have. So let’s get this out of the way first. Yes a professionally made and installed Murphy bed (Wall Bed) is safe. Our Wall Beds are locally handmade from your choice of configuration, real wood, finish, and hardware. Installation is included in the delivery fee, and our trained professionals are able to do a Murphy bed install in about 2 hours. They locate and drill into 3 studs in the wall where you want the bed. The rest of the pieces attach to the wall bed itself. No tearing up your wall or floor!

 We cannot speak to the quality or safety of DIY (Do-It-Yourself) wall bed projects, so the information included is about the professionally made and installed Murphy beds offered by Stuart David Home Furnishings.

Tip 1: Let Professionals Do It

 Do a search for Murphy bed safety and you may see a lot of sites saying it takes forever to install and warning of the dangers that come from sleeping in or installing a wall bed. We found one saying, “If you think sleeping in a Murphy bed is dangerous, try taking one apart.” Sounds scary doesn’t it? Well that actually leads into our first tip, and also our first correction.

•Yes, installing or uninstalling a wall bed can be dangerous. Any type of installation carries some kind of risk. To save you time, frustration, and maybe something even more valuable, we recommend scheduling professionals to come out and do the install.

•“If you think sleeping in a Murphy bed is dangerous, try taking one apart.” Why don’t we put that into some context, shall we? Just replace the words sleeping and Murphy bed with driving and vehicle. “If you think driving a vehicle is dangerous, try taking one apart.” Now that puts it in a better perspective doesn’t it?

You’re not the one taking your car apart when there’s something wrong (OK, OK checking and changing fluids doesn’t count!). You normally take it to a professional right? Of course there are risks inherent in installing or uninstalling Murphy beds. There are heavy moving parts, counter-balance loaded springs, and other dangers that can cause injury if you don’t know what you’re doing. But we don’t let a lack of knowledge stop us from driving a vehicle just because we didn’t build it, do we?

Tip 2: Don’t Over-Stuff It

Stuart David Wall Beds rely on balance and tension to remain open or closed. To make sure it closes properly, you will want to avoid over-stuffing it with extra pillows and large, fluffy blankets. While our wall beds can accommodate any mattress up to 13”, that doesn’t necessarily mean that every piece of your bedding will fit too. Too much stuffing can push against the wall when you try to fold the bed up, preventing it from closing all the way. Keeping the bed off balance like this can cause the bed to fold down under its own weight, not knowing what may be underneath it when it does. So for safety, we recommend removing bulky bedding and storing it elsewhere (a companion bookcase with doors would be the perfect storage place for bedding) when the bed is folded up.

Tip 3: Use A Lock

The wall beds at Stuart David have a lock already built into the door, allowing you to secure it in the upright position. A lock is especially important with little ones running around. With enough growth spurts and ingenuity, they will find a way to get those little fingers around the handle eventually. Ensure their safety and your piece of mind with a locking mechanism.

Stuart David Murphy Beds

Armed with all your new information, you may be looking to purchase a wall bed for your home. Consider purchasing a Murphy bed from Stuart David Home Furnishings. Their wall beds can accommodate any mattress up to 13” (that’s up to 3” more than most competitors). You choose the size, configuration, real wood, finish, and hardware. With a wide variety of styles and custom options, you’ll be enjoying your custom Murphy bed for years to come.

The Stuart David Home Furnishings factory showroom is located in Ceres, Ca just south of Modesto. Proudly serving the central valley and east bay areas since 1961, including: Sacramento, Pleasanton, Livermore, Stockton, Antioch, Walnut Creek, Vacaville, Yuba City, Tracy, Merced, Turlock, Manteca, San Ramon, Lodi, Brentwood, Dublin, Los Banos, Danville, and throughout the United States.