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Murphy Beds vs Wall Beds

Wall Beds - Murphy Beds     

A lot of people come into our showroom and ask, “What is the difference between a wall bed and a Murphy bed?” The answer is quite simple, there is no difference. They are actually the same thing, just a different name. 


Where’s The Name Come From?

The name “Murphy bed” actually dates back to around 1918 when William L Murphy patented his version of a folding bed as “Murphy In-A-Dor bed”. In some form or another these kinds of beds had been around for a while, but what William Murphy did was he took the idea of a folding bed and put a hinge at one end so it could be folded up and stored against a wall. Hence the name wall bed.


He got the inspiration for his new innovation while searching for a solution to his floor space problem. At the time (around the early 1900’s), he was living in a single room apartment in San Francisco, so space was really limited. He needed the room to entertain guests without feeling like they were all in his bedroom. New designs and improvements accompanied his success while Murphy beds went in and out of style throughout the years. But a steady demand always remained and helped solidify its reputation up to today.


The name Murphy bed was actually trademarked until 1988, when a U.S. court decided that the term “Murphy bed” had become a generic term to the public for a bed that folds into a wall, regardless if it is Murphy’s design or not. To this day, the term Murphy bed is synonymous with wall bed. 


Stuart David Wall Bed Systems

Stuart David offers fine handmade wall beds with plenty of custom options in twin, double, and queen sizes. Choose just the wall bed or pick your custom configuration like a bookcase on the left and a bookcase with return desk on the right to maximize your space.


We have also recently teamed with Murphy Wall-Bed Systems to offer our customers another option, the new NEXT BED. Available in twin, double, or queen size, this bed has so much to offer. Sporting high-tech tubular steel construction that mounts to the base board of the wall, this bed offers very high structural strength while remaining light and easy to operate. Laminated, steam bent wood slats provide a firm but cushioned base for any mattress up to 13.” The legs are automatic and self-extending with protective floor caps. When installed, the concealed counter-balance spring system is easily adjusted by adding or removing springs, making sure that no matter the weight of the mattress, the bed will always be perfectly counterbalanced. 


To accompany the new NEXT BED, we have come out with three new wall bed systems to give you even more control over your limited space. These new systems turn the normally blank, real wood face of the bed into bookcases, effectively camouflaging the fact that it’s a wall bed. They’re also great for decorations and storing items like books and knick-knacks, allowing you to personalize the space and make it yours.


The first new design opens by pivoting the bookcases to the left and right, resembling how French doors open. The next design folds the bookcases in half (length wise) and moves them to each side while keeping everything in place. The third design opens by sliding the bookcases to each side. 


Stuart David wall beds allow you to use any mattress up to 13”. That’s up to 3’’ more than most competitor wall beds allow! You can use your own mattress, or we have a selection of wonderfully comfortable Serta mattresses that fit like a glove in our wall bed systems. 


If you’re worried about the height of your ceiling, we offer some of our styles in a horizontal or vertical configuration to give you even more flexibility. Our wall beds are made out of your choice of real wood (NO PARTICLE BOARD), so you know your wall bed will continue to look great while saving space for years to come.


Why spend endless, frustrating hours trying to install a “wall bed kit” that was imported from China and made of particle board? Let the professionals at Stuart David do the work for you. You pick the configuration, size, real wood, finish, and hardware. Once we build it in our factory (located in Ceres next to our showroom), our trained delivery staff will then bring it to your home and set it up for you in a little less than two hours. 


You pick where you want it and we attach it to the wall studs with brackets. Each additional piece attaches to the wall bed, not the wall or floor. So it really just attaches to itself and those 3 wall studs. That’s it! No tearing up your wall or floor and you can rest assured knowing that the structural and decorative integrity of the room will not change. Come visit out 25,000 square foot factory showroom to experience the difference in quality that comes only from being American made. 






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